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Quest Bookshop

The Quest Bookshop is a service of the Theosophical Society in Seattle, located in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle, offering thousands of titles, including books, CDs and DVDs.

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Alchemy,  Angels,  Astrology,  Atlantis,  Auras,  Aurobindo,  Ayurveda,  Blavatsky,  Buddhism,  Cayce,  CDs,  Chakras,  Christianity,  Color Healing,  Consciousness Expansion,  Crop Circles,  Crystals and Gems, Dalai Lama,  Death and Dying,  Diet,  Dreams,  DVDs,  Eckhart Tolle,  Fremasonry,  Gandhi,  Gnosis,  Goddess,  Grief,  Gurdjieff,  Healing,  Herbs,  Hermetics,  Hinduism,  Homeopathy,  Hypnosis, I Ching,  Intuition,  Islam,  Judaism,  Jung,  Kabbalah,  Krishnamurti,  Manly Hall,  Meditation,  Metaphysics,  Mythology,  Nature Spirits,  Near Death Studies,  Numerology,  Oriental Medicine, Paramahansa Yogananda,  Patanjali,  Pendulums,  Prophecy,  Psychic Phenomena,  Psychology,  Qigong,  Radionics,  Reiki,  Reincarnation,  Rosicrucian,  Rudolf Steiner,  Rumi,  Runes, Sacred Geometry,  Sai Baba,  Shamanism,  Sophia,  Sufism,  Swedenborg,  Tai Chi,  Taoism,  Tarot,  Templars,  Theosophy,  Thich Nhat Hanh,  Upanishads,  Vedic Astrology,  Vivekananda, Wicca,  Women's Spirituality,  Yoga,  Zen

Linda Shields really knows her subject matter!  Let her and her experienced staff help you find just the right item.   Shipping is available, and we are happy to do special orders for items not in stock.   You may order by telephoning us at (206) 323-4281.   You can get personal astrological charts printed too.

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